Champions League? UEFA Cup? FA Cup ?

We’re often asked – Why don’t you do the Champions League?

Champions League, UEFA Cup and The FA Cup are all examples of knock-out tournaments where teams often change their normal league approach.  Sometimes they field a weaker side.  Sometimes they change their game tactics. 

Here’s a good example from Tues night in the Champions League. 

Dortmund 0 – 0 Barcelona.    Both these teams are goal machines in their domestic leagues – Dortmund have scored 13 goals in 4 games.  Barcelona 12 goals in 4 games.  And they produce a no-goal draw?? 

With the mini league structure of the Champions League – it makes sense not to lose your first game.  It’s interesting to note that the other teams in this group also produced a 1-1 draw.   Therefore the performance of certain teams in a different competition format is not to be trusted.

We pride ourselves on calculating team performance footprints in the major leagues across Europe. It's tempting to look at the Champions League, FA Cup etc. - but they're nowhere near as predictable

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